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Improving the quality of your health and ability to function is our top priority, and the Atlas Orthogonal procedure can help you get there. The brain, nervous system and upper cervical spine play a major role in your body's ability to function properly.


To understand the importance of the procedure, it is important to look at the connections between the upper cervical spine and the function of the brain.

The brain controls and coordinates every function of the body. It is able to make changes in the body by sending signals down nerves in the spinal cord, passing through the bottom of the skull, through the atlas bone, and down the rest of the spine before the major nerves start branching to various areas of the body. The nerves that travel through the atlas need to be free of any interference that could alter or block nerve signals from getting through clearly.

                                               The Atlas and the Nervous System


This atlas misalignment can have a significant impact on the function of the body. The primary problem associated with an atlas misalignment is interference in nerve signals coming through the atlas bone in an area called the brain-stem.

Along with its impact on the function of the nerves, the atlas bone has direct contact with blood vessels that bring blood to and from the brain. The muscles of the upper neck are among the most sensitive in the entire body for controlling body orientation. This upper cervical region is also the junction point for the flow of cerebral spinal fluid between the brain and the spinal cord. These associated structures can become compromised by an atlas misalignment.

If an individual has a misalignment of the upper cervical spine, the symptoms may vary greatly. Some people have subtle symptoms like slight posture changes, difficulty sleeping, or mild headaches. Others may have severe conditions develop over long periods of time such as migraines, seizures, and scoliosis. 


Carefully evaluating and correcting a misalignment of the upper cervical spine can make profound changes in your health. The primary procedure used at Atlas Chiropractic of Tuscaloosa is called the Atlas Orthogonal technique. If an atlas misalignment is identified and it is causing interference on the nerve or other structures in the upper cervical spine, Dr. Hagen is able to correct the misalignment using the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

The first step in the course of your personalized care begins with the consultation and examination to get an understanding of your current condition.  

X-rays specific to the Atlas Orthogonal procedure will be taken. The Atlas Orthogonal procedure involves careful measurement of the bone structures taken from x-rays of the upper cervical spine. 

Once the atlas misalignment has been identified and measured, a specific and calculated correction can be made on the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument.

After the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment the Doctor will re-examine key indicators to determine your degree of improvement. When the Doctor has determined the Atlas adjustment is holding a Post X-ray will be taken to visually verify the progress.

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Atlas Orthogonal videos from the T.V. shows "The Doctors" and the "Montel Williams Show"

Video shows an actual Atlas Orthogonal adjustment using video fluoroscope (motion) x-ray.
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Dr. Roy Sweat, developer of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Procedure.