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" Dr. Roy, A Major Contributor To The World Of Chiropractic And It's Patients." 

Dr. Roy Sweat Developer of The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Want to Know More?

As precise as A.O. is, It actually is an easy concept to understand

The birth of Atlas orthogonal chiropractic was made from the necessity to correct the first bone in the cervical spine today through research we are still discovering the positive effects on the body from realigning the atlas.

Dr. sweat developed the percussion wave alignment adjustment and then the ao institute research to study the effects on the body of aligning the atlas

Dr. sweat had tables engineered and a program set to teach doctors of chiropractic the ao technique / today ao is still progressing and is now using the technology of ct's to analyze the cervical spine in 3d.

The world of chiropractic has benefited from dr sweats efforts to make this technique available to patients all around the world.

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