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Services offered for today's lifestyle Challenges

From Tech Neck to Digestive Issues Chiropractic has solutions

Atlas Orthogonal: The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic procedure utilizes a percussion adjusting instrument to precisely re-align the top vertebra "Atlas" to the head and neck. The aligned Atlas restores body balance and improves body function.

Cold Laser: Cold laser therapy is used to speed up the healing process of soft tissue injuries. During a laser treatment the light will penetrate the skin stimulating a receptor within the Mitochondria of a cell. Receptor stimulation with light promotes energy production and biochemical reactions to reduce inflammation that can cause pain. 

Nutrition: Nutritional counseling including diet, digestion and whole food supplementation is available to our established chiropractic patients. 

Standard Process Detox

Ion Cleanse: A footbath therapy that uses electromagnetic ions to stimulate the bodies natural detoxification process. The process is comfortable, relaxing and will leave you feeling reenergized and healthy.

Standard Process Detox

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