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Before finding Dr. Hagen, I suffered from severe headaches for about a year and a half. The last nine months was a constant, never-ending headache. I had tried several months of physical therapy, chiropractic, neurological care, a nerve block and various muscle relaxers. Nothing made the headache go away, but the intensity would vary. I was very irritable with my family and had lost hope that my quality of life would ever improve..

Dr. Hagen was the means of a miracle for me.. After four treatments, my pain was gone. I have been headache free, completely headache free, for over a month. I am so grateful. My husband tells people I am a different woman now. I feel like myself again and I sing Dr. Hagen's praises to anyone I know who suffers from headaches. It is a five hour round-trip drive for me to get an adjustment, but it is more than worth it.

I am happy and pain-free. I can be the mom my kids deserve. I have been able to run again, my ability to concentrate has returned, and I don't have to take any medications to try and manage my headaches.

Charlee G. Jacksonville


A hidden hero… That’s how I see Dr. Troy Hagen. I first started receiving treatment from Dr. Hagen in 2009. He has been instrumental in restoring full functionality to me following a fall from the top of a warehouse rack resulting in neck damage and 24/7 migraines. Now, he is helping me again in dealing with the symptoms and fallout from some pretty scary diagnoses.

Dr. Hagen treats the whole person, starting with actively listening to what I am experiencing. He asks questions to guide his examination and treatment plan. As a holistic practitioner, he also takes into account ALL the things that are stifling my health, including the diagnoses and treatments other doctors are technically responsible. I say technically because they tend to get tunnel vision without much interest outside of their specialty area.

Dr. Hagen looks at the whole picture and guides me in working with my other doctors for better results. When he finds out about a new or alternative therapy that may push back my pain or other symptoms, he tells me about it then follows up on the degree to which it is helping. I appreciate the encouragement, the engagement in my overall health issues, and authentic concern he displays in my treatment. If you or someone you care about wants to regain control of pain or nervous system failures within their own body, I would seriously recommend Dr. Troy Hagen for assessment, guidance and treatment.

Cynthia W., Mississippi


After having a headache for six weeks brought on by a fall in gymnastics, we heard about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and found Dr. Hagen for our daughter. He saw our daughter and adjusted her after taking a series of x-rays. Her six week long headache was gone! We have had six adjustments in the past three months for maintenance and couldn't be happier with the treatment she has received from Dr. Hagen. We had never heard of this type of adjustment but it was exactly what our daughter needed! Thank you Dr. Hagen.

Kelley M. Birmingham

Traumatic Brain Injury

I am a twelve year traumatic brain injury survivor. In 2004 I was involved in a catastrophic car accident leaving me in a seventeen week coma with a closed head injury. I am constantly being told I am a walking miracle as I was only given less than a five percent chance of survival, little less waking from a coma. From the time I awoke to embark on this long road we call rehab I have experienced vision problems, neck, shoulder, lower back and many permanent disabilities. My mom is my patient advocate and exhausted every avenue traveling all over the southeastern U.S. to find any "out of the box" therapy that could possibly give me a chance to feel normal. It was during vision therapy that I learned of Dr. Hagen and the Atlas Orthogonal concept. My mom was skeptical but since we had tried every other possible therapy, why not this. My first visit shocked my mom as for the first time in twelve years I was able to read the road signs on the interstate as we headed home. Since beginning the Atlas Orthogonal treatment my neck, shoulders and back pain has diminished to being minimal to no pain and my double vision has definitely improved to just a couple of episodes a week instead of constant. I forgot to mention that I have been battling petit and grandmal seizures since emerging from the coma. After Atlas Orthogonal my seizures have been reduced to occasionally, less than one weekly (my neurologist is going to be amazed on my next visit). With the improvements I have seen I will continue with atlas treatment to maintain my corrected vision, new found pain free movement, and maybe, just maybe , my seizures will cease to exist.

Amy P., Huntsville

Occipital Neuralgia

After getting Type A Flu for the first time in February 2018, I had complications and two weeks later I was hospitalized for stroke and debilitating constant pain in the right back portion of my skull along with pain in my right neck and shoulder. My daughter, a chiropractor, referred me to Dr. Hagen for Atlas Orthogonal Treatment in August 2018. Four days after the initial adjustment I had a 60% reduction in pain. After my third adjustment I had an entire day that I forgot that I had been ill for seven months, no pain. My core feels stronger, my mind feels clear and I am sleeping without pain.

Andrea C., Trussville

Ion Cleanse

After my very first Ion Cleanse my feet up to my mid thigh felt lighter. About an hour or so as time elapsed my legs from mid thigh and up felt lighter. That night I went to bed earlier than usual and slept deeply for about 8 hours of very good sleep. The next day I awoke early and had less pains in my hips and legs and was able to get on with my daily chores quicker and more efficiently.

R. B. Northport 

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